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Rob Fellman
Dealer Principal

Rob is the Dealer Principal of Boardman Subaru. He has been in the Automobile  Business for over 30 years. His commitment to honest hard work has helped frame his dealership and its staff. No one is more important than you when your at his facility! If Rob doesn't know you he knows your cousin, aunt, nephew, sister, neighbor etc. and will surely treat you like family and never forget you!

Donnie Nameth
General Manager

Donnie is our General Manager and has been in the Auto Business for over 20 years. He takes the time to develop long lasting relationships with all his clients. He always has a big smile on his face and is willing to go the extra mile for you to make your experience here unique!  He's also a huge Yankee fan although we won't hold that against him!

John Stanko
Vice President

John handles business planning and directs many of the operations at Boardman Subaru. He has a business degree from YSU and is a graduate of the NADA Academy. John has worked in sales and marketing in multiple industries. John has a beautiful wife, son, and daughter. He enjoys video/photography, lifting weights, and not doing cardio.

Robbie Fellman
Fixed Operations Manager

Robbie is currently our Fixed Operations Manager, coordinating with both the service and parts departments.
He started at Boardman Subaru in 2013 as a vehicle detailer, and has since worked in nearly every department of the dealership including service, parts, inventory photography, and management. He does the best he can to find the right solution for every customer in every situation.
Robbie graduated from Ohio University in 2019 with a degree in Music Production and has a deep passion for music, gaming, and eating wings. Unfortunately, Robbie is also a Cleveland sports fan.

John Jones
Operations Manager

John has been in the automotive industry for over 7 years.  His background includes experience in sales, finance, retail management, engineering, and graphic design.  His work ethic, organization, and commitment to satisfaction have made him a true asset to Boardman Subaru.  John wears several hats here at the dealership including training, development,  software specialist, finance and sales management, social media, marketing, design, and overall day to day operations.  In his spare time he is usually wrapped up in a DIY project at his home, producing music in his home studio, or collecting toys.  He also enjoys time with his family and friends.  His passion for perfection have made John a crucial part of our organization.  He truly enjoys making every customer experience, extraordinary.



Michelle Kester
Office Manager

Jeanna Scott
Title Clerk

Anna Bertin
Inventory Clerk


Sales Managers

Pat Gorman
Sales Manager

Pat is one of our Business Sales Managers. He is as friendly as it gets and really makes the not fun part of purchasing a vehicle a pleasurable and efficient experience. He's also our resident comedian and you'll be sure to share a few laughs with him during your visit!

Matt Meredith
Sales Manager

Steve Engster
Pre-Owned Manager

Joe Bada
Pre-Owned Manager

Joe has been in the Auto business for about 12 years. He is a graduate of The Pittsburgh Art Institute and photographs many Boxing events and weddings. He share's his enthusiasm for the great product we carry with every customer. Joe is sincere and hard working and spends his off time with his lovely wife Holly!



Kevin Suchora
Sales Consultant

Kevin is our top salesman and our longest tenured salesman here at Boardman Subaru for one reason, Customer Satisfaction. No one displays more patience and knowledge of our product than Kevin.  Kevin loves to help customers find a new vehicle.  He is focussed on keeping the customers best interest in mind.  His clients are completely satisfied and they make sure they tell everyone they know how well Kevin treated them before, during and most importantly after the sale!  Outside of the office Kevin enjoys golf, biking, exercising and spending time with his family.  

John Janczewski
Sales Consultant

John has been at Boardman Subaru for around 4 years. He started his journey in our detail department. He then moved on to become our Lot Manager and now has reached his goal to become one of our Subaru Certified Sales Consultants. We are extremely proud of his drive and commitment. John is also actively involved in the local music community.

Kevin Guthrie
Sales Consultant

Kevin comes to us from the Outdoor Recreational world. We thought him to be a perfect fit for the Subaru lifestyle. Kevin brings with him a deep rooted knowledge of all things adventure! Not only is he enthusiastic about the brand he is very professional and truly realistic on options for his customers! We're glad after all the Subaru's he's owned he decided to come join our team!

David Kuszaj
Sales Consultant

Affectionately referred to as LL Kuszaj. Dave brings a decade of experience from the insurance and investment arena. Dave is straight forward and extremely hard working. He brings a sensible approach to each interaction. He is an active outdoors men and lives the Subaru lifestyle. Dave was another previous customer of the dealership that is now part of our family.

Tom Herman
Sales Consultant

Tom A.K.A. "Bird" is a new recruit to the Boardman Subaru sales team.  He is new to sales, however has a huge love for cars.  He has been a huge promoter of the Subaru brand for years.  He started as a customer and was selling cars for us before he was even part of our team.  His passion for cars in general and the Subaru brand will fuel his success at Boardman Subaru.  In his spare time you can find him driving his WRX, hanging with his son, and his dog Karll. Bird loves going to the track when he isn't working.  In his own words..."Any day at the track is a good day!"

Jared Czarnecki
Sales Consultant

After the war for the ring was done, and peace returned to middle earth, Jared was allowed to retire to the grey haven. Finding himself bored of perpetual paradise, he found himself in employ of Boardman Subaru. A known raconteur and keeper of esoteric knowledge. He acquired the nick name "Lazerhawk" during the battle against Thanos and was instrumental in undoing the snap. 

He spends his free time with his wife Courtney and their amazing children Greta , Emery and twins Rigby and Mabel . Skilled in the art of the YoYo and a voracious reader. 

Joe Scacchetti
Sales Consultant

Joe is one of our newest Salesman here at Boardman Subaru.  He was born and raised in Youngstown, however spent the last 6 years living in North Carolina selling Subarus.  So he is no rookie to the brand. His family has a local restaurant, Scacchetti's,  in which he was a chef for roughly 8 years before moving South.  Joe is an avid sports fan and loves his Cleveland sports teams as well as being a Die Hard Ohio State Buckeyes Fan.

Craig Laskowitz
Sales Consultant
330-965-0997 ext. 133

Anthony Onesti
Sales Consultant

Anthony is one of our newer salesmen.  He is new to the business, with roughly a year of experience, and loving his role thus far.  His passion to build relationships stems from his great conversation and getting to really know his customers.  His goal is to ease the pressure and tension of buying a car and making the experience FUN.  When Anthony has spare time in the office or on his own you can find him deep in a good book.   

De'Vonte' Wilson
Sales Consultant
330-965-0997 x 125

Dev is our newest Sales Consultant .
Bio coming soon...

Jamar Steverson
Sales Consultant

Jamar is one of the newest members on the Boardman Subaru Sales team.  In his previous career, he worked closely with the development of young adults.  Jamar enjoys sports and spending time with his family and friends.  His goal is to create a great experience with every customer, every time and continue a lifelong relationship.

Vince Rich
Sales Consultant
330-965-0997 ext.116

Vince is Brand New to the auto industry and is excited to help others find the best vehicle.  Vince takes the process and makes it fun and easygoing.  His previous role here at the dealership kept him on the phone helping service customers with questions and scheduling appointments.  In his free time, Vince is hanging with his friends and family or watching a movie.       

Pete Bozanich
Sales Consultant

"Good news" is what all of Uncle Pete's folks hear! Pete is a pleasure to deal with and always stays positive no matter the situation. Even though sometimes buying a car can be a tough experience Uncle Pete's goal is to change your perspective! As you can see from his colorful attire.

Doug Shirley
Internet Sales Consultant

"Whaaaazzzuuuup!"  Doug Shirley A.K.A. "Doug E. Fresh". For the last 4 years Doug has been the dealerships first line of communication to all of our customers shopping for a vehicle on the world wide web.  He enjoys building the initial relationship with the customer and the dealership, providing a seamless buying process.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family playing card or board games.  He is a huge Detroit sports fan.  Oh yeah and in his own words. "I have never met a dance floor that I will not eventually own."

Hayden Martin
Internet Sales Consultant

Hayden started with Boardman Subaru as a Vehicle Detailer just a little over 3 years ago.  His work ethic and attention to detail prompted him to be promoted to our internet sales department.  He enjoys helping customers find exactly what hey are looking for.  If you have a question, hayden has your answer.  Outside of the office you can find him posted up watching his favorite sports team or out playing with his 2 dogs.   

Dolores Beith

Dina Wells
Delivery Specialist

Dina is our Delivery Specialist. She is a graduate of Cardinal Mooney. She also has a fashion degree and has worked in the industry prior to joining our family. Dina specializes in getting you acclimated to your new Subaru. She is available anytime please stop by and see here for any questions you may have. 



Scott Riddle
Business Manager

Scott brings knowledge,charisma and professionalism to Boardman Subaru. He fits the brand perfectly. He enjoys snow boarding and live music. He was born and raised locally here in Poland Ohio.

Rich Mangelli
Finance Manager
330-965-0997 x124

Rich is the newest member of our finance team. Bio coming soon...


Express Service

Ryan Patrick
Express Service Manager

Duke as we all call him around these parts, always has a smile on his face and will do whatever it takes to make sure your service visit is enjoyable.  In Dukes free time, he loves to clean his car and spend time with his girlfriend.

Jermaine Turner
Express Service Writer

Brandon Marshall
Express Service Advisor

Patrick Howley
Express Service Technician

Nathan Marshall
Express Service Technician

Ezra Lazar
Express Service Technician

Chase Isaacson
Express Service Technician

Matt Miller
Express Technician

Noah Chase
Express Technician

Bryan Cattivera
Express Service Technician



Scott Ceratti
Service Director

Scott has been in the auto industry for the last 27 years and with Boardman Subaru since 2010.  His attention to detail and his ability to get things handled are a true asset to Boardman Subaru.  When he isn't at work, he enjoys spending time with his sons Caelan and Giovani and grandsons Cael and Cai.  Even Though Scott is a native of Pennsylvania, he is a HUGE Ohio State Buckeyes Fan.

Frank Melia
Service Advisor

Frank has been in the auto industry for 7 years and has a smile that everyone remembers.  In his spare time he enjoys technology and electronics, but his true loves are his wife Jen and his son Frank.

Nate Harris
Service Writer

Nate is the newest member to our Service Advisor team.  You will love his upbeat personality and his commitment to customer satisfaction.  Outside of the office Nate is still swinging for the fences, playing baseball and hanging out with his friends.

Jill Brown
Service Advisor

Jill has been in the auto industry for the last 26 years.  Don't let this lady fool you.  She knows as much about Subaru as the manufacturer.  Jill has a very upbeat personality and is always ready to help the customer.  Her children are her world and we a very fortunate to have her here to help keep the team in order.

Joe Fero
Service Advisor

Joe is a former Subaru Master Technician. He has been with Boardman Subaru since 2015. Joe always has a smile on his face and will make sure that he goes out of his way to help in any way that he can.

Angela Buzzacco
Service Coordinator

Amaya Malloy
Customer Service Representative

Heather Warren
Customer Service Representative

Sarah Gray
Customer Service Representative

Chance Moore

Amy Fellman



Matt Pancake
Senior Master Technician

Matt has reached the highest level of training and recognition in the industry as a Subaru Senior Master Technician.  Matt has been dedicated to his trade with us here for the last 9 years.  He is a leader in every sense of the word. When not at work, Matt enjoys working on cars and spending time with his little princess Ella.  

Jimmy Dunn
Master Service Technician

Jimmy is another one of our master Subaru technicians, closing in on his 10 year anniversary with us.  He is always there to help anyone in need.  In Jim's free time, he enjoys working on his Corvette and hanging out with his cats. 

Craig Brown
Master Subaru Technician

Craig relocated to our area a few years ago and has added a huge piece to our team. Craig has been with Subaru for several years, and recently became a Master Subaru Technician.  In Craig's free time, he enjoys spending time with his children Aubrey and Hunter. 

Anthony Ricci
Master Service Technician

Anthony has been with us for about 4 years now and is one of our Subaru Master Technicians.  He enjoys playing basketball, extra garlic in his food, and raising his guinea pigs with his girlfriend.   

Junior Lint
Service Technician

Jr. is great addition to our service team, bringing over 16 years of experience in the field.  He has been a Subaru Master Technician here for the last 3 years.  He is extremely thorough in his work and has a great work ethic.  Allegedly he has a nice late 1970's Trans-Am that we are dying to see.  

Justin Ladesic
Service Technician

Justin is a master technician that takes great pride in his work.  He is focussed on the customer and makes sure that their needs are always addressed. In his free time you can find him riding his bike through the park or with his girlfriend. 

Brendon Maurer
Service Technician

One of Boardman Subaru's newest technicians.  This young man has a great future with our team.  He has been learning as much as he can to ensure that he will also someday be a Subaru Master Technician.  Brendon loves working on rebuilding his own Mitsubishi Eclipse and spending time on the beach when he isn't in the garage here at work.  Brendon is also a member of the "beach boys".

Tyler Mooney

Tyler has a serious passion about cars and going to be a huge part of our team as he continues to grow.  Having just graduated from automotive school.  Its only a matter of time before he excels here.

Bryan Murberger
Service Technician

Bryan is our newest master technician.  He has just completed all of his Subaru training requirements and is on his way to becoming one of the best.  Bryan is the "turbo" guru in the service department.  When he isn't in the garage here at work, he's in his own garage actively working on his own late 90's Miata "turbo".  

Justin Christoff
Service Technician

Justin's work ethic and commitment to getting it done right is what has propelled him to great things here at the dealership.  Justin learns quickly and takes the time to make sure it's always right.  In his free time he likes to brag "aboot" his Canadian roots and the Toronto Raptors. 

Cody Little
Service Technician

Paul Bortz

Jacob Clegg
Service Technician



Jeff Cramer
Parts Director

Jeff has been in fixed operations in the auto business for 10 years! He has experience in Detail, Service, and Parts at Boardman Subaru and in currently our Parts Director

Brandon Kadbulowski
Parts Advisor

Brandon has been with Boardman Subaru for 8 years. He is one of our parts and collision specialists.

Collin Chance
Parts Advisor

Collin works on our Parts Counter. He loves his WRX's and Rally cars. Collin started as an express technician, graduated to a full technician, then to our parts department.

Paul Rothwell
Parts Delivery

There are rumors floating that the building was built around Paul, he has been here that long.  Paul handles many tasks during the day here at the dealer.   If you need parts and you need them quick, Paul is your guy. Delivery parts within the state specified speed limits. If Paul is involved, it will get done right, fast and efficient.

Mark Stanley
Parts Delivery Driver

Raymond Zornjak
Parts Delivery Driver



Dustin McGarry
Detail Manager

Jonathan Grischow

Chris Brooks

Alex Rothwell

Adam Hynes

Ethan Dunkel

Anthony Angelilli

Ryan Lancy

Jonathan Lick

Cameron Johnson

Zachary Smith



Bill McCauley
Lot Manager

Wild Bill as he is known around these parts.  Bill knows exactly where every vehicle and key is on the lot.  So if you happen to see him walking the lot and you can't find what you are looking for...Ask Wild, he will know!

Chris Lesko
Inventory Photographer

Cristian Montanez
Courtesy Transportation Manager